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Awesome List of Adblock Apps
Alternative Frontend of Popular Websites
Alternative to Popular Websites
Awesome Android Apps
Awesome List of Animation Apps
Audio Editor
Awesome WASM Apps
Browser Extension and Add-On
Desktop and Browser Automation
Diagram Apps
DNS and Domain Tools
Drawing Tools
Earth Map and Tools
Exobrain Blogs and Digital Gardens
Face and Pose Animation
Awesome List of File Converter Apps
File Sharing and File Transfer
Free Apps for Developers
Free Apps for Students
Free Cloud Compute Infrastructure
Free Resources in Internet
Free Sound, Music, and Audio
GIF Tools
Github Apps and Tools
Google Sheet Tools
Writing Assistants, Grammar and Plagiarsm Checker
Graph Tools and Apps
Hacker News Apps
Hosted Open Source Services
Awesome List of Image Editors, Converters, and Processors
Instagram Apps
Interactive Code in Webpage
Awesome List of Interactive and Explorable Websites
IP Tools
Jamstack and WebApps
Jupyter Notebook App
Learning and Education Resources
Map Tools
Awesome List of Maps
Mathematics Editor and Calculator
Movie App
Music and Audio Tools
Cloud Network Tools
News Agregator
No Code Platforms
Notetaking Tools
Awesome List of OCR Apps
Octave Online Server
Online Documentation Tools
Open Source Apps
PDF Editor and Converter
Phone Tools
Presentation Apps
Privacy, Security and Anonymity Apps
QR Code App
Radio and Sound Apps
Reddit Apps
RSS Tools
Search Engine App
Self-hosted Applications
Sketching, Hand Drawing, and Hand Writing Web App
Spartan and Text Only Websites
Speech to Text Apps
Network Speed Test Apps
Spreadshseet (Sheet) Apps
List of Static Web Generator
Awesome List of SVG Applications
Text and Markdown Editor
Text to Speech Apps
Tracking Apps
Awesome List of Video Editors
Web Metrics and Performance Analysis
Check Live Status of Website
Wikipedia Apps
Awesome List of Youtube Apps
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