Hi πŸ‘‹, Welcome to my digital garden.
Before you explore my garden, here is a random cat which life inside the garden.
Random Unsplash Cat
I write immediately random thought or something I found. Usually, I write it into a blog note. Then, in my spare time, I will expand them into a specific note or put them to the related note and category.
At the moment, here are the categories:
  • App: Collection of interesting web, desktop, or phone apps.
  • Awesome: Categorical notes about something awesome.
  • Book: Collection of interesting books.
  • Catatan: Blog, in Indonesian.
  • Course: Course notes for my students.
  • Development: Notes about how I develop this site.
  • How To: How-to notes.
  • Markdown: Notes about markdown syntax.
  • Me: About me and my stuffs.
  • Note: Blog, in English.
  • Random: Random notes, links, and bookmarks.
  • Research: Notes related to my research.
I wrote my notes in Markdown (markdown-it flavor) using VNote in my Windows 10 laptop. Then I push them to Github. So my notes can also be read in Github. Then I make them live as FOUR static websites.
Why do I need FOUR websites for my similar notes? I dunno. They were started as my experiment so I could choose the better one. But as time flies, they are live together. I need to sync the notes structure using SyncFolder app in Windows.
So here are all of the sites:
Thank you for exploring. And here is another cat.
Random Loremflickr Cat
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