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Jupyter Notebook Tools (Extensions)

  • Mito Mito is an editable spreadsheet in your Jupyter notebook. You can clean, filter, find/replace, and use standard spreadsheet functions in Mito, giving you the visibility and ease of a spreadsheet with the power of Python.

  • RISE : RISE allows you to instantly turn your Jupyter Notebooks into a slideshow. No out-of-band conversion is needed, switch from jupyter notebook to a live reveal.js-based slideshow in a single keystroke, and back.

  • GeoNotebook : A Jupyter notebook extension for geospatial visualization and analysis

  • nbinteract : Python package that provides a command-line tool to generate interactive web pages from Jupyter notebooks

  • Jupyterhub : Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks

  • IPyCanvas : draw over Jupyter Notebook

Alternative to Jupyter Notebook (Reactive Notebook)

Other Data Science Tools

  • Streamlit The way to build and share data apps

  • Dash by Plotly a framework for building ML & data science web apps.