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  • Javascript Switcher : Add a button in the url bar to block or enable javascript per-site.

  • ClearURLs : Remove tracking elements from URLs.

  • HTTPS Everywhere : Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.

  • uBlock Origin : Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

  • Google Direct : Remove tracking links from Google Search results

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  • CRXcavator : Inspect Chrome Extension content for malicious code


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solution : VPN, power tunnel (android), power tunnel pc, green tunnel, wireguard, webproxy, etc advantage of power tunnel and green tunnel : you will connect through local proxy which mean your quota internet usage would not exceed the disadvantage : sometimes it not work against DPI filter from ISP advantage of vpn, wireguard, webproxy : work smoothly against DPI filter or other gov censor the disadvantage : your internet quota will be exceed, since you connect through remote proxy. There will be extra data need to be carried openvpn personal recomendation is this, or this


  • VPN on VPS (Oracle)

  • Proxy

    • Create a container in Goorm, set it to always on, run the terminal first to setup your password (passwd) or deploy your SSH keys, connect to it with your SSH client (port and IP info in Configuration-Port forwarding), enable SOCKS proxy and bam, your own proxy.

  • Adguard

    •, extract. Klik File, Open Windows PowerShell, Open Windows Powershell as Administrator

    • Type .AdGuardHome.exe -s install, enter.

    • Open browser, localhost:3000, next, username and password. Note the address.

    • Login to dashboard, Setup Guide/Panduan Penyiapan, pilih 1 alamat setelah

    • Change setting DNS ke dan 1 alamat yang dari langkah sebelumnya.

    • Type ipconfig /flushdns, enter.

    • Done. Setting default pakai upstream Quad9, kalau Quad9 diblokir, buka dashboard, masuk ke Settings-DNS Settings (atau Pengaturan-Pengaturan DNS), tambah kebawah baris yang ada dengan

lalu scroll sampai ketemu button Test Upstreams/Uji Hulu, klik, kalau semua lancar, klik Apply/Terapkan, kalau ada pesan error server nggak bisa dibuka, buang linenya lalu test lagi.

  • Use Simple DNSCrypt, follow the tutorial. Use this to check if it works or not. Nek dapetnya Cloudflare, berarti sudah bisa (harusnya)

  • dpi bypasser (powertunnel, green tunel, dpitunnel). Pake powertunnel -> kedut-kedut hit/miss

  • tunneling (vpn, tor)

  • any encrypted dns

  • Phone using Intra dan pake DNSnya AdGuard Kalo di PC YogaDNS dan pake DNS AdGuard juga.

  • Ini karena Windows 10 Non-Insider g ada native support wat encrypted DNS. Windows 10 Insider dan Windows 11 ada. Kalo butuh OS-wide pasang aja AGH.

  • Intra pake DoH, port 443 (literally HTTPS) g bisa asal blokir (misal yang popular diblokir pun bisa bikin sendiri dengan gratis)

  • simple dnscrypt

  • Kalo bikin VPN di DO pake Outline g usah nyentuh terminal samsek, tapi ya gitu, buat yang traffic diatas 500 GB sebulan jatuhnya lebih mahal dari VPN komersil. Oracle jatah gratisnya 10 TB sebulan tapi dapet servernya gacha, dan g bisa buat torrent.

  • SSH Tunneling

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