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  1. Dual CNN for Relation Extraction with Knowledge-Based Attention and Word Embeddings Paper: Code:

  2. CNN-BLPred: a Convolutional neural network based predictor for β-Lactamases (BL) and their classes Paper: Code:

  3. Design of deep convolutional networks for prediction of image rapid serial visual presentation events Paper: Code:

  4. A simple convolutional neural network for prediction of enhancer-promoter interactions with DNA sequence data Paper: Code:

  5. A novel attention-based hybrid CNN-RNN architecture for sEMG-based gesture recognition Paper: Code:

  6. GRAM-CNN: a deep learning approach with local context for named entity recognition in biomedical text Paper: Code:

  7. Simple tricks of convolutional neural network architectures improve DNA-protein binding prediction Paper: Code:

  8. EnzyNet: enzyme classification using 3D convolutional neural networks on spatial representation Paper: Code:

  9. Multi-timescale drowsiness characterization based on a video of a driver's face Paper: Code:

  10. CLoDSA: a tool for augmentation in classification, localization, detection, semantic segmentation and instance segmentation tasks Paper: Code:

  11. Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for EEG decoding and visualization Paper: Code: Code:

Rice/Paddy Classification

  1. Classifying Oryza sativa accessions into Indica and Japonica using logistic regression model with phenotypic data Paper: Code:

  2. SNNRice6mA: A Deep Learning Method for Predicting DNA N6-Methyladenine Sites in Rice Genome Paper: Code:

  3. Automatic estimation of heading date of paddy rice using deep learning Paper: Code:

  4. Distillation of crop models to learn plant physiology theories using machine learning Paper: Code:

  5. Evaluating remote sensing datasets and machine learning algorithms for mapping plantations and successional forests in Phnom Kulen National Park of Cambodia Paper: Code:

  6. PlantCV v2: Image analysis software for high-throughput plant phenotyping Paper: Code:

  7. Deep Plant Phenomics: A Deep Learning Platform for Complex Plant Phenotyping Tasks Paper: Code:

  8. DeepWeeds: A Multiclass Weed Species Image Dataset for Deep Learning Paper: Code:

Papers with Code

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