Fun and Prank

Harmless Prank

  • Handshake left and right

  • Put tape on laser mouse

  • Plug in a second mouse

  • Run or take path randomly

  • Carefully step over a non-existing obstacle

  • Takes an item and leaves it somewhere (ex. yellow rubber duck)

  • Looking at a non reflective surface and doing stuff

  • Ask, "What was your (or your wife's/husband's/sister's/etc...) name again?" After they answer I shake my head and say, "No... that's not it."

  • When driving I like to wave at random people as if I knew them.

  • When you're talking to someone, just keep handing them random items. They'll just keep taking them without realizing it.

  • In phone conversation, say "Ok, hold on a sec.....", lay the receiver down and see how long they are prepared to wait on the chance you're coming back.

  • Starts staring into the sky

  • Comment on a picture that "The three of you look great!" if there were 4 people in the picture.

  • Say "High five" to someone, but don't put your hand up.

  • Took a screenshot of a desktop and moved all of his icons off of it so it looked legit but nothing worked

  • Add hair in desktop with Hair on Screen - Chrome Web Store

  • Whenever you're speaking to somebody who is dominating the conversation, focus on their chin or ear. Look slightly concerned.

  • Hid coins randomly

  • Remote random TV with smartphone

  • Call in sick to a place you don't work.

  • Make strange shopping lists and then leave them in the cart

  • Windows: right click, display setting, display orientation. or CTRL+ALT+Arrow

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