Awesome Desktop Apps


  • EasyOCR Ready-to-use OCR with 70+ languages supported. Colab

Constraint Solver

  • Optaplanner GitHub: OptaPlanner is an AI constraint solver. It optimizes planning and scheduling problems, such as the Vehicle Routing Problem, Employee Rostering, Maintenance Scheduling, Task Assignment, School Timetabling, Cloud Optimization, Conference Scheduling, Job Shop Scheduling, etc.

Harddisk SSD Cloning Software

Windows App

Windows Command

  • ipconfig ipconfig /all ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns

  • ping ping -t

  • tracert

  • nslookup

  • netstat netstat -n

  • arp -a

  • route print

  • netsh

  • pathping

  • hostname

  • nbtstat

  • tasklist

  • taskkill

  • getmac

  • systeminfo

  • FOR /L %i IN (1,1,254) DO ping -n 1 192.168.10.%i - FIND /i "Reply">>c:\ipaddresses.txt

Windows Hotkey

Windows Automation

Windows App

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