List of Static Web Generator

List of List

Fast Static Site Generator

  • ​hugo (Apache 2.0)
  • ​hugonews (GPL 2.0), HN-like with Hugo (demo)
  • ​zola (MIT) : A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.
  • ​Publii (GPL 3.0) : Publii is a desktop-based CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static websites fast and hassle-free, even for beginners.
  • ​Susty (GPL 2.0) : A tiny WordPress theme focused on being as sustainable as possible. Just 6 KB of data transfer.

Static Site Client Side Rendering

  • MDWiki : javascript
  • VNote : javascript
  • ​Grav : PHP
  • Bludit

Static Site with PHP