Unicode and Emoji
Unicode is an information technology (IT) standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. Within Unicode encoding, there are subsets called emoji to represent pictorial expression in characters. While Unicode is an important piece of work, it has some kind of messy structure. That's why we have puny code.

Unicode List

Unicode Font

  • ​Unifont , font for all existing Unicode

Unicode Recognition

Unicode Search


Emoji as Favicon

  • ​SVG Emoji Favicons​
  • ​fav.farm​
  • <link rel="icon" href="data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' viewBox='0 0 100 100'><text y='.9em' font-size='90'>EMOJI GOES HERE</text></svg>">
  • ​Emojicons Emoji to SVG

Math Unicode Symbol

Unicode Tools

Unicode Art

  • ​One line ASCII Art Μ΄Δ±Μ΄Μ΄Μ‘Μ‘Μ‘ ̑͌lΜ‘Μ‘Μ‘ ̑͌lΜ‘*Μ‘Μ‘ Μ‘Μ΄Δ±Μ΄Μ΄Μ‘ Μ‘Μ‘Ν‘|Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ν‘ Μ²β–«Ν‘Μ² Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ο€Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ν‘ Μ²Ν‘Μ²β–«Μ²Ν‘Μ²Ν‘ Μ²|Μ‘Μ‘Μ‘ Μ‘ Μ‘Μ΄Δ±Μ΄Μ‘Μ‘ ̑͌lΜ‘Μ‘Μ‘Μ‘._ : home --------{---(@ : rose (β™₯_β™₯) : love in my eyes

Text Stylish

Unicode Hack


  • ​Punycoder : make a puny code and beware of phising with it​
    • www.xn--c1yn36f.org
    • xn--s28h.com
    • www.xn--pple-43d.com is not www.apple.com
    • xn--n9fjcxob2ae662e.com or xn--9h2hfacrhxbi6a.com is not tokopedia.com
    • xn--tokopdia-g8g.com is not tokopedia.com
    • xn--gmil-63d.com is not gmail.com
    • xn--yhoo-53d.com is not yahoo.com
  • ​Name.com​
  • ​Mothereff​
  • ​Homoglyph​

Unicode Explained